Bermuda Approves In-Port Cruise Ship Casino Gaming

Bermuda Approves In-Port Cruise Ship Casino Gaming


October 7th, 2013


Cruise ships will be allowed to operate their casinos while docked in Bermuda ports following passage by the country’s parliament Wednesday of the Cruise Ship Casino Act 2013, according to local press reports. The act allows shipboard casinos to operate between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. while docked in Bermuda ports.

The legislation will enhance Bermuda’s competitiveness versus other cruise destinations, said Shawn Crockwell, Bermuda’s tourism minister, who has similarly pushed for legislation to permit land-based casinos in the territory. Crockwell said Wednesday that a referendum on land-based casino gaming in Bermuda would be held before the government sets its next budget. He labeled cruise ship casino gaming a “separate and distinct matter.”

In-port cruise ship gaming will benefit both cruise lines and Bermuda by increasing the cruise companies’ onboard revenue while generating new licensing-fee revenue for the destination, said Crockwell. He added that smaller ships docked at the Hamilton and St George’s cruise ship piers, with a passenger capacity not exceeding 2,000, would not be charged a license fee. The largest ships calling at Bermuda regularly dock at the Kings Wharf and Heritage Wharf piers at the Royal Naval Dockyard.

Local residents will not be permitted to patronize the cruise ship casinos, Crockwell said. He added that the impact on local retailers should be “minimal” because most passengers return to their ships by 9 p.m., when most of the island’s retail ships are closed. The tourism ministry will “closely monitor and analyze the impact to this segment of our local businesses and enterprise,” Crockwell added.

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